20th IEEE International Conference on
Emerging Technologies and
Factory Automation

September 8-11, 2015, Luxembourg


Final Program WiP sessions Track 1 - Track 9

Please note:
Each WiP paper is presented in a 5 minutes presentation (4 min + 1 min to change to the next speaker) with a maximum of 2 slides! The discussions will take place during the poster presentation in the following coffee break.
WiP T1: Information Technology in Automation
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: Arndt Lüder, Souad Bezzaoucha; Room: Europe A
406 Transformation of Continuous Simulation Models of Automated Manufacturing Systems into Discrete Event Models on Different Levels of Detail Philipp Schmidt and Alexander Fay. 
253 Physiologically-Inspired Self-Regulation for Factory Automation - Towards Artificial Homeostasis for Shopfloors Carlos C. Insaurralde. 
299 Visualization Facilities for Distributed and Remote Industrial Automation: VxLab Ian Peake, Jan Olaf Blech, Lasith Fernando, Heinz Schmidt, Ravi Sreenivasamurthy and Sudarsan Sd. 
304 A Context-Aware Assistance System for Maintenance Applications in Smart Factories based on Augmented Reality and Indoor Localization Holger Flatt, Nils Koch, Andrei Guenter, Carsten Roecker and Juergen Jasperneite. 
307 Towards Collaborative Plant Control using a Distributed Information and Interaction Space Johannes Pfeffer, Markus Graube, Patrick Reipschlaeger, Stephan Arndt, Leon Urbas, Raimund Dachselt and Ralph Stelzer.
310 Concept for Distributed Modules for Advanced Energy Management Martin Plank and Andreas Gössling. 
321 Industry 4.0 value networks in legacy systems Ronald Rosendahl, Nicole Schmidt, Arndt Lüder and Daria Ryashentseva. 
327 Automatic Test Case Generation for PLC Programs using Coverage Metrics Hendrik Simon, Nico Friedrich, Sebastian Biallas, Stefan Kowalewski, Stefan Hauck-Stattelmann and Bastian Schlich. 
328 Proving Equivalence between Control Software Variants for Programmable Logic Controllers - Using Regression Verification to Reduce Unneeded Variant Diversity  Sebastian Ulewicz, Mattias Ulbrich, Alexander Weigl, Bernhard Beckert and Birgit Vogel-Heuser. 
335 A CPPS Architecture approach for Industry 4.0 Federico Perez, Edurne Irisarri, Darío Orive, Marga Marcos and Elisabet Estevez. 
341 Collaborating Robots in a Museum Environment: Modular Systems for 3D Documentation Dirk Schöttke, Stephan Schaefer, Ulrich Berger, Thomas Kaempfe and Dominik Matura. 
344 An Industrial Simulator Utilizing a Gaming Platform Christos Anagnostopoulos and Athanasios Kalogeras. 
345 Sub 10 µW Wake-Up-Receiver Based Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking System Joerg Robert, Heinrich Milosiu and Thomas Lindner. 
356 Using Google Glass for mobile maintenance and calibration tasks in the AUDI A8 production line Sebastian Rauh, Daniel Zsebedits, Efim Tamplon, Stephan Bolch and Gerrit Meixner. 
358 KMI for SCADA andWirelessHART in IACS Pramod Tc and Sunitha Nr. 
363 Context-Aware System for Information Services Provision in the Internet of Things Everton Matos, Leonardo Amaral, Ramão Tiburski, Willian Lunardi, Fabiano Hessel and Sabrina Marczak. 
387 Multi-level user and role concept for a secure plug & work based on OPC UA and AutomationML Miriam Schleipen, Evgeny Selyansky, Robert Henßen and Tino Bischoff. 
390 Modeling AutomationML: Semantic Web Technologies vs. Model-Driven Engineering Olga Kovalenko, Manuel Wimmer, Marta Sabou, Arndt Lüder, Fajar J. Ekaputra and Stefan Biffl. 
399 The SFIT Tool: Supporting Assembly Planners to Deal with New Product Variants Antoaneta Kondeva, Vincent Aravantinos, Lukas Hermanns and Leenhard Hörauf. 
157 Integrated Design of Human-Machine Interfaces for Production Plants Christopher Martin, Matthias Freund, Annerose Braune, Ralf-Erik Ebert, Matthias Pleßow, Sven Severin and Oliver Stern. 
241 Manufacturing engineering data integration for assembly process design review Remiel Feno, Aline Cauvin, Alain Ferrarini and Thomas Dalançon. 
292 Analyzing the engineering effort for the commissioning of industrial automation systems Lars Dürkop, Lukasz Wisniewski, Sascha Heymann, Benedikt Lücke and Jürgen Jasperneite. 


WiP T2: Industrial Communication Technologies and Systems
Time: Wednesday, 09. Sept.,08:40 - 10:00
Chairs: Stig Petersen, NN; Room: Fischbach
293 Near Field Communication Interface for a Packet-Based Serial Data Transmission Using a Dual Interface EEPROM Jacob Maxa, Thilo Krachenfels and Helmut Beikirch. 
314 Dependability Demands and State of the Art in the Internet of Things Thomas Frühwirth, Lukas Krammer and Wolfgang Kastner. 
323 Wireless Channel Measurement Data Sets for Reproducible Performance Evaluation in Industrial Environments Dimitri Block, Niels Hendrik Fliedner, Daniel Toews and Uwe Meier. 
325 Probabilistic Scheduling and Adaptive Relaying for WirelessHART Networks Giuliana Alderisi, Svetlana Girs, Lucia Lo Bello, Elisabeth Uhlemann and Mats Björkman. 
351 Location Aided Zone Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Thu Pham, Trong-Tien Nguyen and Dong-Seong Kim. 
353 Effective Spectrum Handoff for Cognitive UWB Industrial Networks Minh-Phuong Tran, Thu Pham and Dong-Seong Kim. 
362 Communication Patterns for Cyber-Physical Systems Dominik Henneke, Mohammad Elattar and Jürgen Jasperneite. 
388 Adapting SDN datacenters to support Cloud IIoT applications Pedro Gonçalves, Joaquim Ferreira, Paulo Pedreiras and Daniel Corujo. 
34 Multi-Core Architecture for AUTOSAR based on Virtual Electronic Control Units Moisés Urbina and Roman Obermaisser. 
127 Semi-Automatic Development of Service Adaptors from Property-Based Service Descriptions Lars Evertz and Ulrich Epple. 
226 Open Source as Enabler for OPC UA in Industrial Automation Florian Palm, Sten Grüner, Julius Pfrommer, Markus Graube and Leon Urbas. 


WiP T3: Real-Time and (Networked) Embedded Systems [RTNES]
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 14:30 - 15:30
Chairs: Ahlem Mifdaoui, Nicolas Navet; Room: Wiltz
280 HcM-FreeRTOS: Hardware-centric FreeRTOS for ARM Multicore Esam Qaralleh, Diogo Lima, Tiago Gomes, Adriano Tavares and Sandro Pinto. 
281 FreeTEE: when real-time and security meet Sandro Pinto, Daniel Oliveira, Jorge Pereira, Jorge Cabral and Adriano Tavares. 
282 RT-SHADOWS: Real-Time System Hardware for Agnostic and Deterministic OSes Within Softcore Tiago Gomes, Sandro Pinto, Paulo Garcia and Adriano Tavares. 
298 Remote Graphical Processing for Dual Display of RTOS and GPOS on an Embedded Hypervisor Hyunwoo Joe, Dongwook Kang, Jin-Ah Shin, Vincent Dupre, Soo-Young Kim, Chaedeok Lim and Taeho Kim. 
303 An FPGA Based FIFO with Efficient Memory Management Stefan Windmann and Jürgen Jasperneite. 
349 Scalable Motion Control System Using EtherCAT-based Shared Variables Woonggy Kim and Minyoung Sung. 
384 Integrating Response-time Analysis for Heterogeneous Networks with Rubus Analysis Framework: Challenges and Preliminary Solutions Saad Mubeen, Mohammad Ashjaei, Thomas Nolte, John Lundbäck and Kurt-Lennart Lundbäck. 


WiP T4: Automated Manufacturing Systems
Time: Wednesday, 09. Sept.,08:40 - 10:00
Chairs: Carla Seatzu, Peter Plapper; Room: Hollenfels
291 Supervisor Synthesis for Similarity Control of Nondeterministic Discrete Event Systems Naoki Kushi and Shigemasa Takai. 
311 Automated Bead Layout Methodology for Robotic Multi-pass Welding Yue Wu, Jonathan Zhen Ming Go, Syeda Mariam Ahmed, Wen Feng Lu, Chee Meng Chew and Chee Khiang Pang. 
316 Parameter Update and PDF Prediction of Degradation Using Stage-Based Gamma Process Heng-Chao Yan, Junhong Zhou, Chee Khiang Pang and Xiang Li
317 Collision-free Path Planning for Multi-pass Robotic Weldings Syeda Mariam, Jinqiang Yuan, Yue Wu, Chee-Meng Chew and Chee Khiang Pang. 
320 Automated warehouse systems: a cyber-physical system perspective Francesco Basile, Pasquale Chiacchio, Jolanda Coppola and Diego Gerbasio. 
357 Formal analysis of product variability and the effects on assembly operations Amir Ebrahimi, Knut Åkesson, Pierre E. C. Johansson and Thomas Lezama. 
379 Knowledge-based Planning and Adaptation of Industrial Automation Systems Theresa Beyer, Ramin Yousefifar, Nasser Jazdi and Peter Göhner. 
391 Security-Aware Functional Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems Jiang Wan, Arquimedes Canedo and Mohammad Al Faruque. 
296 An improved technique for train load planning at intermodal rail-road terminals Mariagrazia Dotoli, Nicola Epicoco and Carla Seatzu. 


WiP T5: Industrial Control
Time: Friday, 11. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: Ramon Vilanova; Orlando Arrieta; Room: Hollenfels
137 On the influence of state update interval length on the prediction success of Decision Support System in Multi-Site Production Environment Matthias Becker and Helena Szczerbicka. 
277 An integrated system for supporting remote maintenance services Paolo Sangregorio, Alberto Luigi Cologni, Franklin Caleb Owen and Fabio Previdi. 
301 An optimization approach within supervisor architecture for boiler control  Daria Ryashentseva, Arndt Lüder, Ronald Rosendahl and Valerij Finaev. 
355 Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Predictive PID Controller Takuya Kinoshita, Shin Wakitani and Toru Yamamoto. 
368 Fault-Tolerant Control of Discrete Event Systems: Comparison of Two Approaches on the same Case Study Julien Niguez, Saïd Amari and Jean-Marc Faure. 
371 Communication Profibus-ZigBee using low cost Gateway Juan Zuluaga, Jorge Herrera and Sergio Serna. 
381 From time-optimal schedule to robust event-based control Nina Sundström and Bengt Lennartson. 
389 Robust industrial control with optimized decoupling in roll-to-roll systems: new approaches using finite element modeling of the web Yannick Martz, Alassane Ba and Dominique Knittel. 
32 A Comparison between Temperature Modeling Strategies in Smart Buildings Domenico Gorni, Maria Del Mar Castilla, Jose Domingo Alvarez and Antonio Visioli. 
143 Multistage Procedure for PI controller design of the Boiler Benchmark problem Helem Sabina Sanchez Corrales, Gilberto Reynoso-Meza, Ramon Vilanova and Xavier Blasco Ferragud. 
203 Comparison of multivariate analysis techniques in plastic injection moulding process Raquel Ventura and Xavier Berjaga. 
370 A Hardware-In-the-Loop Setup for Rapid Control Prototyping of Mechatronic Systems Luca Simoni, Manuel Beschi, Davide Colombo, Antonio Visioli and Riccardo Adamini. 
373 Fractional Order Model Identification: Computational Optimization Edder Guevara, Helber Meneses, Orlando Arrieta, Ramon Vilanova, Antonio Visioli and Fabrizio Padula. 


WiP T6: Computer Vision, Computational Intelligence, and Modern Heuristics in Automation
WiP T7: Intelligent Robots & Systems
Time: Friday, 11. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: Marina Indri, Christian Schlegel; Room: Europe A
300 Beyond Point Clouds - 3D Mapping and Field Parameter Measurements using UAVs Raghav Khanna, Martin Möller, Johannes Pfeifer, Frank Liebisch, Achim Walter and Roland Siegwart. 
196 The implementation of reinforcement learning algorithms on the elevator control system Hang Li. 
248 New Test Rig for Creased Paperboard Investigation to Confectionery Industry Reconfigurable Folders Martina Lavalle, Lando Mentrasti, Mirko Pupilli, Maria Paola D'Imperio, Jian S. Dai, Ferdinando Cannella and Luca Carbonari. 
289 CP3L: A Cyber-Physical Production Planning Language Anas Anis, Wilhelm Schäfer, Oliver Niggemann and Andrey Pines. 
294 Operating articulated objects with force sensitive mobile manipulators Magnus Hanses, Christoph Walter and Arndt Lüder. 
331 Laser based Driving Assistance for Smart Robotic Wheelchairs Eric Rohmer, Paulo Pinheiro Pinheiro, Mauro Bellone, Giulio Reina and Eleri Cardozo. 
340 Design of a CMAC-FRIT Controller for a Magnetic Levitation Device Shin Wakitani, Toru Yamamoto and Mingcong Deng. 
393 Design of a crane system with a curved rail for a narrow space and load sway suppression Naoki Uchiyama, Kazushige Haneda and Shigenori Sano. 
2 Experimental Evaluation of a Full Quaternion Based Attitude Quadrotor Controller Emil Fresk and George Nikolakopoulos. 
37 The Future of the Industrial Robotics Market Hannes Gruschinski. 
78 Connecting ROS to a real-time control framework for embedded computing Maarten Bezemer and Jan Broenink. 
118 A Likelihood Analysis for a Risk Analysis for Safe Human Robot Collaboration Audun R. Sanderud, Tryge Thomessen and Mihoko Niitsuma. 
153 Design and Implementation for Multiple-robot Deployment in Intelligent Space Hunsue Lee, Junghyun Oh and Beomhee Lee. 
343 Gaussian Filtering for Enhanced Impedance Parameters Identification in Robotic Assembly Processes Ibrahim Jasim, Peter Plapper and Holger Voos. 
374 Context-based Selection and Execution of Robot Perception Graphs Nico Hochgeschwender, Miguel Angel Olivares Mendez, Holger Voos and Gerhard Kraetzschmar. 


WiP T8: Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks, and Information Processing 
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 14:30 - 15:30
Chairs: Antônio Augusto Fröhlich, Andrzej Pawlowski; Room: Hollenfels
313 Low Complexity Room Thermal Models for Energy Optimization in Industrial Buildings Anetta Nagy and Thilo Sauter
318 Structural Health Monitoring of Plastic Components with Piezoelectric Sensors Alexander Dicks, Volker Lohweg, Henrik Wittke and Stefan Linke. 
326 Towards an FPGA-Based Edge Device for the Internet of Things Tiago Gomes, Sandro Pinto, Adriano Tavares and Jorge Cabral. 
359 Implementation of indoor positioning algorithms using Android smartphones Pablo Pajuelo Cabeza, Maria Del Carmen Pérez Rubio, José Manuel Villadangos Carrizo, Enrique García Nuñez, David Gualda Gómez, Jesús Ureña and Alvaro Hernández Alonso. 
360 Activity Supervision Tool using Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Systems José Manuel Alcalá, Jesús Ureña and Álvaro Hernández. 
364 Statistical Data Mining for Efficient Quality Control in Manufacturing Abdul Rauf Khan, Henrik Schiøler, Torben Knudsen and Murat Kulahci. 
168 Development of the Simple Building Electric Power Prediction Model with Local Weather Forecast based on Clustering and Silhouette Algorithm Jongwoo Choi, Youn-Kwae Jeong and Ilwoo Lee. 
188 Condition monitoring of electric motors based on magnetometer measurements Stephan Wildermuth, Ulf Ahrend, Christoph Byner, Pawel Rzeszucinski, Daniel Lewandowski and Maciej Orman. 
224 Closing the Sensing-Reasoning-Actuating Loop in Resource-constrained WSANs through Distributed Symbolic Processing Salvatore Gaglio, Giuseppe Lo Re, Gloria Martorella, Daniele Peri and Salvatore Davide Vassallo. 
237 A BACnet Gateway for Embedded Web Services Vlado Altmann, Björn Butzin, Robert Balla, Frank Golatowski and Dirk Timmermann. 


WiP T9:  Information and  Communication Technology in Energy Systems 
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 14:30 - 15:30
Chairs: Oliver Gehrke, Adriana Aguilera; Room: Fischbach
271 Economic Optimization in Virtual Power Plants vs. Stable Grid Operation — Bridging the Gap Richard Kuntschke, Michael Specht, Marco Wagler, Martin Winter, Rolf Witzmann and Marie van Amelsvoort. 
276 Design and Implementation of an Energy Trading Model for Smart Factories Hyunjeong Lee, Sangkeun Yoo and Yong-Woon Kim
308 Automated Testing of Medium Voltage Drive Hardware in Loop Systems Aravind Ingalalli, Shriram S, Nitin Adlok and Shanthi Bhushan. 
338 Control Application for Internet of Things Energy Meter – a Key Part of Integrated Building Energy Management System Andrzej Ożadowicz and Jakub Grela. 
377 Data center power dynamics within the settings of regional power grid Gulnara Zhabelova, Alireza Yavarian and Valeriy Vyatkin. 
382 A Functional Reference Architecture for Aggregators Daniel Esteban Morales Bondy, Kai Heussen, Oliver Gehrke and Anders Thavlov. 
213 A tool-chain to foster a new business model for photovoltaic systems integration exploiting an Energy Community approach Lorenzo Bottaccioli, Edoardo Patti, Andrea Acquaviva, Enrico Macii, Matteo Jarre and Michel Noussan. 
200 Linearizing Control of Biogas Flow Rate and Quality. Khadidja Chaib Draa, Holger Voos, Marouane Alma and Mohamed Darouach. 
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