20th IEEE International Conference on
Emerging Technologies and
Factory Automation

September 8-11, 2015, Luxembourg


Final Program Special Sessions SS01 - SS08

Please note:
Work-in-Progress (WiP) paper presentations are scheduled at the end of a special sessions and comprise each a 5 minutes presentation with two slides only! Discussions are left to the poster presentation in the following coffee break.
SS01: Big Data and Semantic Technologies for Automation
Time: Wednesday, 09. Sept.,08:40 - 10:00
Chairs: Alois Zoitl, Stefan Windmann; Room: Vianden
08:40 - 09:00 Francisco Pozo, Wilfried Steiner, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas and Hans Hansson
(154) A Decomposition Approach for SMT-based Schedule Synthesis for Time-Triggered Networks
09:00 - 09:20 Stefan Windmann, Florian Jungbluth and Oliver Niggemann
(194) A HMM-Based Fault Detection Method for Piecewise Stationary Industrial Processes
09:20 - 09:40 Ondřej Harcuba and Pavel Vrba
(233) Ontologies for Flexible Production Systems
09:40 - 09:45 Asmir Vodencarevic and Thomas Fett
(111 WiP) Data Analytics for Manufacturing Systems: Experiences and Challenges 
09:45 - 09:50 Ganesh Man Shrestha and Oliver Niggemann
(122 WiP) Hybrid Approach Combining Bayesian Network and Rule-based Systems for Resource Optimization in Industrial Cleaning Processes
09:50 - 09:55
Stefan Windmann and Oliver Niggemann
(287 WiP) MapReduce algorithms for efficient generation of CPS models from large historical data sets


SS02.1: Advanced Flexibility Methods in Engineering & Operation of Automated Production Systems
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: Michael Weyrich, Paulo Leitao; Room: Hollenfels
08:30 - 08:50 Nicole Schmidt, Arndt Lüder, Ronald Rosendahl, Daria Ryashentseva, Matthias Foehr and Jan Vollmar
(57) Surveying Integration Approaches for Relevance in Cyber Physical Production Systems
08:50 - 09:10 Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Jan Weber and Jens Folmer
(161) Evaluating reconfiguration abilities of automated production systems in Industrie 4.0 with metrics
09:10 - 09:30 Daniel Regulin, Christopher Krooß, Daniel Schütz and Birgit Vogel-Heuser
(185) Bridging the gap between discrete and continuous simulation of logistic systems in production based on the modelica modeling language
09:30 - 09:50 Paulo Leitao, Nelson Rodrigues and José Barbosa
(159) What-if Game Simulation in Agent-based Strategic Production Planners
09:50 - 09:55 Andreas Zeller and Michael Weyrich
(330 WiP) Test Case Selection for Networked Production Systems
09:55 - 10:00 Constantin Wagner and Ulrich Epple
(167 WiP) Variant Management for Control Blocks


SS02.2: Advanced Flexibility Methods in Engineering & Operation of Automated Production Systems
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 14:30 - 15:30
Chairs: Marga Marcos, Paulo Leitao; Room: Europe A
14:30 - 14:50 Rafael Priego, Daniel Schütz, Birgit Vogel-Heuser and Marga Marcos
(134) Reconfiguration Architecture for Runtime Updates of an Automation System
14:50 - 15:10 Petr Kadera and Petr Novák
(260) Automatic Compilation of Performance Models for Industrial Multi-Agent Systems
15:10 - 15:30 Michael Obst, Thomas Holm, Leon Urbas, Alexander Fay, Sven Kreft, Ulrich Hempen and Thomas Albers
(160) Semantic description of process modules - Towards an open implementation for plug and produce in process plants


SS03: Fault Tolerance Techniques in Distributed Embedded and Automation Systems
Time: Wednesday, 09. Sept.,08:40 - 10:00
Chairs: Julian Proenza, Ramez Daoud; Room: Diekirch
08:40 - 09:00 Hassan Halawa, Ramez Daoud, Hassanein Amer, Gehad Alkady and Ali Abdelkader
(214) FPGA-Based Reliable TMR Controller Design for S2A Architechtures
09:00 - 09:20 Michael Short, Muneeb Dawood and Carlos Insaurralde
(207) Fault-tolerant Generator Telecontrol over a Microgrid IP Network
09:20 - 09:25 Mara Martins, Paulo Portugal and Francisco Vasques
(222 WiP) A Framework to Support Dependability Evaluation of WSNs from AADL Models
09:25 - 09:30 Sinisa Derasevic, Manuel Barranco and Julián Proenza
(378 WiP) An OMNET++ model to asses node fault-tolerance mechanisms for FTT-Ethernet DESs
09:30 - 09:35 David Gessner, Ignasi Furió and Julián Proenza
(380 WiP) Towards a Layered Architecture for the Flexible Time-Triggered Replicated Star for Ethernet
09:35 - 09:40 Sinisa Derasevic, Maties Melià, Alberto Ballesteros, Manuel Barranco and Julián Proenza
(376 WiP) First Experimental Evaluation of the Consistent Replicated Voting in the Hard Real-time Ethernet Switching architecture 


SS04: Approaches and Challenges in Design and Implementation of Cyber-physical Production Systems
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: Lukasz Wisniewski, Jürgen Jasperneite; Room: Diekirch
08:30 - 08:50 Dirk Schulz, Roland Braun and Johannes Schmitt
(39) Behind the Façade - Efficient Software Development with OPC UA
08:50 - 09:10 Tomas Grimm, Benedikt Janßen, Osvaldo Navarro and Michael Huebner
(261) The Value of FPGAs as Reconfigurable Hardware Enabling Cyber-Physical Systems
09:10 - 09:30 Andreas Papalambrou, Dimitris Karadimas, John Gialelis and Artemios Voyiatzis
(198) A Versatile Scalable Smart Waste-bin System based on Resource-limited Embedded Devices
09:30 - 09:50 Helene Dörksen and Volker Lohweg.
(46) Automated Fuzzy Classification with Combinatorial Refinement
09:50 - 10:10 Felix Specht, Holger Flatt, Jens Eickmeyer and Oliver Niggemann
(130) Exploiting Multicore Processors in PLCs using Libraries for IEC 61131-3
10:10 - 10:15 Lukasz Wisniewski, Markus Schumacher, Juergen Jasperneite and Christian Diedrich
(140 WiP) Increasing Flexibility of Time Triggered Ethernet based Systems by Optimal Greedy Scheduling Approach


SS05: Secure and Resilient Industrial Automation and Control Systems
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: André Teixeira; Yumei Li; Room: Vianden
08:30 - 08:50 Boojoong Kang, Peter Maynard, Kieran McLaughlin, Sakir Sezer, Thomas Strasser, Filip Andrén, Friederich Kupzog and Christian Seitl
(183) Investigating Cyber-Physical Attacks against IEC 61850 Photovoltaic Inverter Installations
08:50 - 09:10 Haiding Tang, Zhouzheng Lu, Lifu Zhang, Yang Chen, Peng Cheng and Jiming Chen
(266) LQG Control under Denial-of-Service Attacks: An Experimental Study
09:10 - 09:30 André Teixeira, Kaveh Paridari, Henrik Sandberg and Karl Johansson
(221) Voltage control for interconnected microgrids under adversarial actions
09:30 - 09:50 Marcus Völp, Nils Asmussen, Hermann Härtig, Benedikt Nöthen and Gerhard Fettweis
(269) Towards Dependable CPS Infrastructures: Architectural and Operating-System Challenges
09:50 - 09:55 Apala Ray, Johan Akerberg, Mats Bjorkman and Mikael Gidlund
(147 WiP) Towards Trustworthiness Assessment of Industrial Heterogeneous Networks


SS06: Industrial Automation Systems in the Industrial Internet (of Things)
Time: Wednesday, 09. Sept., 16:00 - 18:00
Chairs: Kristian Sandstrom, Moris Behnam; Room: Wiltz
16:00 - 16:20 Dirk Schulz
(44) FDI and the Industrial Internet of Things
16:20 - 16:40 Willian Tessaro Lunardi, Everton De Matos, Ramão Tiago Tiburski, Leonardo Albernaz Amaral, Sabrina Marczak and Fabiano Passuelo Hessel
(223) Context-based Search Engine for Industrial IoT: Discovery, Search, Selection, and Usage of Devices
16:40 - 17:00 Alexander Dennert, Martin Wollschlaeger, Robert Lehmann and Stefan Trebing
(244) Diagnosis, Alarms and their Management in integrated Automation Systems
17:00 - 17:20 Ricardo Sousa, Paulo Pedreiras and Pedro Goncalves
(265) Enabling IIoT IP backbones with real-time guarantees 


SS07: Mobile Robotics in the Factory of the Future
Time: Thursday, 10. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: Sebastian Zug, Nico Hochgeschwender, Room: Fischbach
08:30 - 08:50 Dirk Holz, Angeliki Topalidou-Kyniazopoulou, Francesco Rovida, Mikkel Rath Pedersen, Volker Krueger and Sven Behnke
(179) A Skill-Based System for Object Perception and Manipulation for Automating Kitting Tasks
08:50 - 09:10 Christoph Walter, Felix Penzlin, Erik Schulenburg and Norbert Elkmann
(112) Enabling Multi-Purpose Mobile Manipulators: Localization of Glossy Objects using a Light Field Camera
09:10 - 09:30 Sebastian Zug, Stefan Wilske, Christoph Steup and Arndt Lüder
(181) Online evaluation of manipulation tasks for mobile robots in Industry 4.0 scenarios
09:30 - 09:50 Sven Schneider, Frederik Hegger, Nico Hochgeschwender, Rhama Dwiputra, Alexander Moriarty, Jakob Berghofer and Gerhard Kraetzschmar
(131) Design and Development of a Benchmarking Testbed for the Factory of the Future
09:50 - 10:10 Victor M. Cedeno-Campos, Paul A. Trodden and Tony J. Dodd
(146) An interactive methodology to explore optimization scenarios of a reconfigurable factory 
10:10 - 10:30 Lorenzo Sabattini, Elena Cardarelli, Valerio Digani, Cristian Secchi, Cesare Fantuzzi and Kay Fuerstenberg
(245) Advanced Sensing and Control Techniques for Multi AGV Systems in Shared Industrial Environments


SS08: Design and Validation of Collaborative Automation Components and Systems
Time: Friday, 11. Sept., 08:30 - 10:30
Chairs: Gulnara Zhabelova,  Arash Mousavi; Room: Wiltz
08:30 - 08:50 Gerardo Santillán Martínez, Tommi Karhela, Hannu Niemistö, Ahti Rossi, Cheng Pang and Valeriy Vyatkin
(81) A Hybrid Approach for the Initialization of Tracking Simulation Systems
08:50 - 09:10 Hasan Derhamy, Pal Varga, Jens Eliasson, Jerker Delsing and Pablo Punal Pereira
(219) Translation Error Handling for Multi-Protocol SOA Systems
09:10 - 09:30 Ayoub Soury, Melek Charfi, Denis Genon-Catalot and Jean-Marc Thiriet
(254) Performance analysis of Ethernet Powerlink protocol: Application to a new lift system generation
09:30 - 09:50 Andreas Lindner, Marcus Lindner and Per Lindgren
(272) RTFM-RT: a threaded runtime for RTFM-core to execute IEC 61499 models
09:50 - 10:10 Gulnara Zhabelova and Valeriy Vyatkin
(273) Towards software metrics for evaluating quality of IEC 61499 automation software
10:10 - 10:15 Arash Mousavi, Valeriy Vyatikin, Yulia Berezovskaya and Xiaojing Zhang
(286 WiP) Towards Energy Smart Data Centers: Simulation of Server Room Cooling System
10:15 - 10:20 Per Lindgren, Marcus Lindner, Andreas Lindner, Valeriy Vyatkin, David Pereira and Luis Miguel Pinho
(206 WiP) A Real-Time Semantics for the IEC 61499 standard
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